El Hormiguero: The funny darts of Pablo Motos in the return of ‘El Hormiguero’ to the king emrito and United We Can

El Hormiguero The presenter began the program with a monologue about the new normal

Pablo Motos in El Hormiguero

The 15th season of ‘The Hormiguero‘has returned this Monday after a well-deserved vacation in this month of August. Pablo Motos began the program with a short monologue on the new normal in which I mentioned United we can and to king emeritus.

“We are a little deaf in the mouth,” he said, referring to the fact that many people lower their masks to speak. “We go in the taxi and nothing is understood. This is how it happened to King Emeritus, who wanted to go to the Dominican Republic and ended up in the Arab Emirates“joked the presenter.

“Then there are those who have their noses on the outside. You tell them something and they say: ‘It’s that it overwhelmed me.’ Oh, I thought you were an asshole. Stick your nose in there and smell your own breath like everyone else!“he continued saying.

People believe that the virus is only spread from the chest up. You see a group of friends on a terrace and greeting each other with the elbow, following the rules … It is sitting on the terrace and taking off the mask, they talk closely, everyone making out with everyone … Speaking of series … That looks like the dome of Podemos“He declared amidst laughter from the audience.

“And the deniers… We will have to talk, right? But how can you say that you are not going to get the vaccine because you do not know what it takes if you take 20 years eating crab sticks? “, ditch.