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Ecuadorians await the official results to meet the presidential winner of the election day that they lived this Sunday, April 11.

A total of 13 million Ecuadorians were summoned to elect who, from next May 24, will rule this South American country for four years with 17.3 million inhabitants.

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The leftist Andrés Arauz, for the Unes movement, and the right-wing candidate, Guillermo Lasso, of the Creo alliance (Christian Social Party), faced each other in the second round ballot, after an aggressive electoral campaign that envisioned very narrow results.

Arauz achieved 32.72 percent of the vote in the first round, a difference of 13 points over Lasso, who reached 19.74 percent.

The firm Cedatos, with its results at the exit of the exit issued at 5:00 p.m., closing time of the electoral day, declared Lasso the winner this Sunday with 52.24 percent. Arauz would have reached 46.76 percent of the votes.

The candidate Guillermo Lasso voted this Sunday in Guayaquil.


Fernando Mendez. AFP

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However, the firm Clima Social, another company authorized for polls at the polls, announced a technical draw with a difference of 1.6 percent that would favor the candidate Arauz.

According to the Ecuadorian electoral law, the winner will be the one who obtains half plus one of the valid votes. This is not counting the nulls and blanks.

But the exit results are not the official voice and so insisted the National Electoral Council. “These surveys (…) are statistical projections with a margin of error and do not reflect the result of the totality of the votes recorded by Ecuadorians at the polls “, broadcast in a statement after informing that the transmission of official results will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Andres Arauz

The correista candidate, Andrés Arauz.


Santiago Fernandez. Efe

There was “a democratic party,” said the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Diana Atamaint, highlighting the massive presence of voters who went to the polls despite the rebound in COVID-19 infections that, in this country, it already leaves about 347 thousand affected and more than 17 thousand deaths.

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