Elon Musk accuses the media of being racist against whites and Asians for canceling “Dilbert”

There is no tolerance for racism, a subject on which Elon Musk, the irreverent CEO of Tesla, Twitter and SpaceX, has always spoken. Now, the tycoon has charged against some media that have tried to cancel “Dilbert”, the comic strip by Scott Adams.

As a report published on the website of The newspaperMusk accused some newspapers in the United States of racism against whites and Asians that removed their editions of “Dilbert” after Adams made some comments against African-Americans.

The report adds that ‘The Los Angeles Times, ‘The Washington Post’ and ‘USA Today’ were some of the outlets that canceled the comic strip after its creator said that “African-Americans are a hate group”. In addition, he posted racist comments on his YouTube channel on Saturday and added another video message on Sunday.

Elon Musk’s response to the controversy

After the Dilbert case was generated, Elon Musk responded on Twitter to some messages from followers about this controversy, to which he replied that the media has long been racist towards dark-skinned people and now “it is racist against whites and Asians”. .

“Maybe they should try not to be racist,” he said.

Responding to another post that white victims of police violence receive only a fraction of the media coverage compared to black victims, Musk said that this coverage “is far out of proportion to promote a false narrative.”

Elon Musk’s views on this and other contentious issues are becoming more important, especially since he acquired Twitter in October. Since then, he has clashed with civil rights groups over the degree of protection against hateful content on the social network and over the recovery of accounts that were suspended.