Elon Musk apparently loves the space zoom of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The South Korean manufacturer blew our minds a few days ago when it presented the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. But we would not have been the only ones, in fact, everything indicates that Elon Musk also loved the brutal camera of this smartphone.

Each of the three models that make up this new generation, as we have already seen in their comparison, are impressive on their own, but it is the most robust terminal that has stolen all the spotlights.

All three devices share more or less the same qualities, but the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s display, battery, and rear camera stand out above all the others.

All to a large extent thanks to the spectacular Space Zoom of its telephoto, which allows a 100x approach to this star to achieve impressive captures.

In fact, the results of this function are so brutal that Elon Musk ended up reacting to a test to demonstrate the real scope of this spatial zoom.

Elon Musk is impressed with the Space Zoom of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The renowned video producer Marques Brownlee He recently published a video on his official Twitter account where he puts the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s space zoom to the test, just to see the real results provided by this capture function that allows you to portray the Moon.

In the end, as can be seen in the video, the result is impressive, considering that it is a smartphone with a tiny telephoto. But what ended up blowing up the internet was Elon Musk’s reaction to that test increase:

As we can see in the video itself, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra works in an ordinary way in almost all the proportions of its zoom increase.

But by increasing the zoom to its maximum possible is when we see a substantial change in the image capture definition to achieve a sharp capture of the Moon.

With the 100X zoom, an impressive image capture is achieved and Elon Musk reacted with a simple but forceful “Wow” to the demonstration.

Those simple three letters were enough to generate more than 66,400 reactions to that tweet alone, giving great projection to the video of the original test.

In the end, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra stands out for its space zoom, although it does not look as functional to capture any object other than the Moon.