Elon Musk publishes a controversial image of two women on Twitter at midnight: What does it mean?

Elon Musk. CEO of Tesla, of SpaceX and master and lord of Twitter. We all knew that by buying the social media company, he was going to get even more obnoxious, hater, irreverent and sarcastic on the platform. Hours go by, days go by and it continues to generate controversy.

Elon is not a gold coin. He is far from it, beyond all the money he has, although that has nothing to do with how he is as a person. Some like him, others don’t like him, they even say that Twitter workers don’t appreciate him, not even those he “trusts”.

As you recall the report published on the website of Clarion, Musk has complained to his employees about the drop in popularity of his own account and the low exposure of his messages. Well, the algorithm’s fault, right?

Fixed. Twitter users have reported that more and more tweets from the tycoon are appearing in the “For You” tab, who because of his ego is capable of firing an engineer for stating that his fame was in decline.

Musk goes viral for a controversial photo

So: if the algorithm is supporting me, what else can I do to go viral for good? Well, Musk style, sharing a controversial image that everyone talks about, reacts, comments and hits the heart.

After midnight on February 14, Valentine’s Day, Elon Musk shared a meme of a girl forcing another kneeling girl to drink milk from a bottle. The curious thing about the image is that it has two superimposed captions: the one on the girl holding the bottle says “Elon tweets” and the one on the girl who drinks says “Twitter”.

What does this image mean? Clearly, the message Musk wants to send is that all Twitter users will still have to deal with their tweets on the platform. Unless they block it I guess.

Hours after the controversial meme, the billionaire admitted that the social network is working on the algorithm: “Stay tuned as we make adjustments to the er… ‘algorithm’.”