Elon Musk says that systems like ChatGPT are “a great risk to humanity”

Elon Musk is easily one of the most unfiltered people on the planet. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to many that I suggest that some mechanism on the Internet must have regulation. Let’s remember that he was one of the first defenders when Donald Trump’s social networks were censored.

However, what he is requesting for regulation is related to science and technology, an area of ​​expertise in which he has considerable knowledge. What Elon Musk refers to are chatbots such as the GPT Chat that works with Artificial Intelligence.

According to what the same South African tycoon says, mechanisms such as the GPT Chat mean one of the “greatest risks for humanity” and therefore “should have some regulation.

the portal of DNA Radio review that Elon Musk offered his position on Artificial Intelligence during a World Government Summit meeting, which he attended as CEO of Twitter.

For Musk, systems like the one mentioned are even more dangerous than traveling by plane or car. In other words, those who want to use them must obtain a license. “It is necessary to establish regulations before they have a position in society,” he stressed.

GPT Chat and Artificial Intelligence

The progress shown by Artificial Intelligence surprises us almost daily. Mechanisms based on machine learning are gaining ground to serve as tools at work, school, university or simply for entertainment. He GPT-chatdeveloped by the people of OpenAI, is one of the many options that we have today to know practically anything.

If you still don’t know what GPT Chat is about, we’ll explain it to you in a fairly general concept, but it reveals what this new tool that is revolutionizing the Internet is.

The same system is defined as a type of language model trained with a large amount of text to learn to generate words autonomously. It is specifically created to answer questions and converse with people in a natural and fluid way. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as virtual assistants, autoresponders, and chatbots.