Elon Musk will build housing for his employees near Tesla headquarters in Austin, Texas

Elon Musk has shown attitudes that lead his employees to point him out as a “labor exploiter” and despot. Proof of this is what he is currently doing with the people of Twitter.

Like every brilliant mind, we know that the South African tycoon is obsessed with scientific research and projects that his companies undertake.

Therefore, the fact that Elon Musk intends to build housing for his employees, in areas very close to one of his Tesla headquarters, made many think that it was an initiative to control those who work for him.

However, in reviewing the case, this appears to be a case where Musk is being very kind to his people. According to what he reports xatakaa tycoon company is going to build 110 houses that will be exclusively for its employees.

It will do so in a town near Austin, Texas, an American city where Tesla Motors has its headquarters. In these same facilities there are offices of The Boring Company, an organization that also belongs to Elon Musk and that is dedicated to the construction area (specifically tunnels).

The Boring Company would be the one in charge of building the houses.

Why so kind, Elon Musk?

As the report from the aforementioned site explains, in the vicinity of Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, there is a housing shortage. Then, it is difficult for workers to access work because they have to travel a long way to go to their workdays.

It is unknown when the construction of the houses will begin. But it is already known that the housing complex will have streets identified as Boring Boulevard, Cutterhead Crossing, Waterjet Way and Porpoise Place; everything related to Musk’s companies.