TikTok’s success has skyrocketed during confinement because of the coronavirus. The dance and parody video social network has exceeded 800 million active users and now look for employees around the world to continue growing.

The company has published up to 830 new job offers worldwide that can be accessed from their job portal: careers.tiktok.com (It is only possible to access through this link, not through the application itself). You can search the offers by location and job title.

They are mostly looking for web developers and technical engineers, but there are also marketing and communication profiles. The positions offered have their workplace in more than 20 offices spread around the world. From San Francisco, in the United States, to London (United Kingdom), where the TikTok headquarters for Europe is located. In Spain, at the moment, there is no job offer.

Regarding the type of contract, there are temporary offers, internship programs, but also indefinite positions.