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At the last D23 Expo, Disney officially announced the project entitled Raya and the Last Dragon, consisting of a digital animation tape with epic overtones. This week, EW released a first look – the film’s first fully rendered image – and also revealed changes within the production team that the House of Mouse would have made with complete discretion in months past.

According to the outlet, animators Dean Wellins and Paul Briggs – who originally would make Raya his first feature – were removed from the directing chair by two other filmmakers. They are the veteran Don hall (Big Hero 6) and the Mexican Carlos Lopez Estrada (Blindspotting). However Briggs remains credited as co-director, along with John Ripa, while Wellins is now developing a new project for the studio.

According to Collider, the previous modification was orchestrated shortly after the D23 Expo 2019 although it is until now that Disney decided to make it public. Something similar would have happened with a (more dramatic) change within the cast, also reported just this week. Although actress Cassie Steele (Rick and Morty) was signed to voice the main character of Raya and the Last Dragon – in fact, she was present when the project was officially announced, you can see interviews with her below – and finally it will no longer be so.

It seems that the histrion Kelly marie tran (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) played that role at some point along the way; now she will be Raya, a young warrior in search of the last dragon in a fantastic land.

Likewise, the House of Mouse reported that the script previously awarded alone to Adele Lim (Crazy Rich Asians) has the collaboration of the Vietnamese playwright Qui Nguyen.

Under the direction of Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada, this is the first Disney Animation feature film that has been developed with hundreds of artists working remotely and from home (as a consequence of the health contingency).

« As filmmakers, Don and Carlos bring a combination of animation knowledge and emotional storytelling to Raya and the Last Dragon, taking our fantasy adventure to surprising, original and dynamic heights, » he said. Jennifer lee, Creative Director, Walt Disney Animation Studios (via). « They both saw the potential of this movie and had a strong vision for the story, especially for our main character, played by the wonderful and talented Kelly Marie Tran. »

With the famous Awkwafina Also present in the cast, Raya and the Last Dragon plans to hit theaters on March 12, 2021.

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