Entertainment : Gaming : PS5’s Demon’s Souls features 12 minutes of gameplay and technical details: dynamic 4K and 60fps

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The remake of this classic from Fromsoftware will have another quality mode with native 4K and 30fps.

By Alberto Pastor / Updated November 7, 2020, 2:45 PM

By surprise, PlayStation has just published a gameplay video of the highly anticipated remake of Demon’s Souls with 12 minutes of action that also serve to know some technical details of this video game originally developed by Fromsoftware on PS3, and now adapted to the new generation by the team of Bluepoint games.

If you’ve never been to the Valley of Corruption, let us tell you that you don’t know what to expect Gavin MooreThe creative director of this remake has recalled that the original game “became a much loved action RPG by fans and marked a milestone in the genre. “With challenging battles and fearsome final bosses, Demon’s Souls was the first in an adventure saga that has become one of the most influential series in recent years.” If ever you have traveled the Valley of Corruption, you have not faced the intimidating Chief Impaler or you have not reached the end credits of this truly mind-blowing story, let us tell you that you don’t know what to expect, “adds Gavin Moore.

During the video we talk about some details related to the game, with the adjustments that have been made, also specifying the graphic aspects of the remake, which like so many other titles, will have two graphic modes: one with Dynamic 4K and 60FPS, and another with native 4K and 30 images per second. This extensive video gameplay, where we can see some iconic scenes of Demon’s Souls in action, as well as some of its most fearsome enemies, arrives shortly after the renewed character editor of Demon’s Souls was shown in detail on PS5.

This promising remake is one of the launch games for PlayStation 5, a console that will be released worldwide in a matter of a few days. Feel free to check out our PS5 review, where we dive into some of the essential features, the technical performance of its early games, and other eye-catching aspects.

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