Entertainment : Lady Diana Spencer’s brother accuses, was deceived in interview

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Lady Diana Spencer’s brother accuses, was deceived in interview | .

After several years of that secret meeting where Princess Diana of Wales exposed much of her life, going through her childhood, adolescence, and her time as a member of royalty, now the brother of Lady diana has spoken out against the methods the network used to get the interview.

Charles Spencer, brother of Lady diana spencer has joined the controversy around this interview where Lady Diana of Wales fully exposed the Royal Family and her life before and after Carlos.

It was in 1995, when Lady Diana was interviewed by the BBC, her marriage was already showing a divorce, Charles of Wales, her husband, would have finally finished admitting his infidelities with Camilla Parker Bowles although at that point it was no longer a secret to anyone.

Lady Diana Spencer and Carlos de Gales separated in 1992 but were officially divorced in 1996. Several years later, in 2005 Carlos and Camila finally joined in a low-key civil ceremony in 2005.

However, now the family of Diana of Wales, particularly her brother Charles, is not very convinced that the confessions on the part of the princess have been collected with “honesty”.

Diana was cheated on?

Charles Spencer, has joined the interest of revealing the bottom of the truth and knowing if the interview with Diana of Wales used “traps” to get the testimonies revealed by her sister, at that time still a member of royalty.

In the same way, before this issue, other opinions have also emerged that would support the version that this interview was the trigger for the subsequent events that occurred with the mother of William and Harry.

It would be one of Lady Diana’s closest friends, Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair, who revealed her closeness to the remembered “People’s Princess”, and points out that it was this same recording that exposed Diana to the greatest of dangers.

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Diana’s brother pressures the network for an investigation

Charles Spencer, has been dissatisfied by the independent interview that the audiovisual chain has undertaken about the journalist who at that time managed to meet Diana, that man who was facing accusations for alleged “falsification of documents,” he said.

I have told the BBC that I was not at all satisfied with the parameters set for this investigation on Diana’s interview, “he said, in a tweet, in which he reproached the British audiovisual group for having limited the temporal scope of the investigation, he revealed. to ..

Twenty-five years later, it is Count Charles Spencer himself who accused the author of the explosive conversation, Martín Bashir, for having “falsified” documents to obtain it.

According to Charles, they were specifically bank statements that indicated the alleged payment of security services that closely followed his sister, however, these turned out to be false.

If I hadn’t seen those statements, I would never have introduced Bashir to my sister, “Spencer said in a letter to the BBC, denouncing” dishonest “methods.

Charles Spencer, brother of Diana of Wales. .

The talk of that year in which Diana, among other things, revealed that her marriage would have been of three and not two people, referring to the Duchess of Cornwall, and where she also admitted to having had an affair herself was seen by 22.8 millions of Britons.

Two years later the princess perished with three of her companions under the “Bridge of the Soul” in Paris.

What is the investigation pursuing?

It will mainly examine Bashir’s conduct and the “alleged bank records”, as well as whether the chain, BBC knowingly protected its journalist.

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It was Diana’s eldest son, Prince William, who was satisfied with the start of this investigation and said it was “a step in the right direction.”