Entertainment : Manon Marsault (Les Marseillais) violently clashes Carla Moreau!

Entertainment :

Between Manon Marsault and Carla Moreau, it is indeed war. She just tackled her again on social networks!

Things did not get better between Manon Marsault and Carla Moreau. The Tiago’s mother tackled her ex-girlfriend! MCE TV tells you everything in detail!

Carla Moreau is the ugly duckling of the Marseillais. Apart from Maeva Ghennam, all the brothers have moved away from her. Jessica Thivenin even told him the war in Les Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5.

Moreover ! Manon Marsault still can’t stand it! Seeing the first episode of the Marseillais, so she saw red. Without citing the name of Carla Moreau, she clapped it on Snapchat.

“When I see the turn of certain things, the bullshit we were trying to make believe, when it’s just the opposite… Frankly I am shocked. “

“There are really things that are starting to heat me up. And to get on my nerves. So there, I do not have too much head for that. I will focus on my daughter who will be arriving soon. Mays I’m not going to let certain things pass… ”

Manon Marsault insinuates that Carla Moreau is a liar who constantly victimizes herself: ” Victimization and mythology, that’s two seconds. “

Manon Marsault: “Me I do not victimize myself ”

“It’s been two months since I read things like I’m a liar, a vicious, a witch, like how I manipulate people … While there is no more frank than me. Me I do not victimize myself. But we will have to put things in context. “

Manon Marsault therefore accuses Carla of manipulation: “This person does everything to get people to think wrong things. She pushes of people making totally bogus articles. And she pushes knowing I’m pregnant, so there’s no mercy. “

“She makes articles, fake accounts, she turns up the sauce. Everything from behind (…) In a short time I give birth, but don’t tell me camera, not camera. “

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