Entertainment : Ricardo Salinas mocks the massive bank crash and Banco Azteca wins

Entertainment :

Digital banking is a key activity in our day to day as brands and an opportunity of great value in the market, to be able to carry out activities.

Banco Azteca is one of the banking options in Mexico and a key opportunity to understand the Mexican market.

Banco Azteca’s operations have become an activity of great value in the market and an opportunity to carry out valuable economic operations.

The bank registered a fall this Friday and the disaster affected several banks, causing them to experience a Friday the 13th of terror, with the exception of Banco Azteca.

Banking agencies such as citi, Santander and BBVA suffered falls in the middle of the Good End we are going through and the fortnight payment that is carried out these days.

The fall was registered from noon to around 3:30 p.m., with mobile operations being the main affected.

In the midst of these errors, Banco Azteca continued with its operations and Ricardo Salinas did not waste the incident, to promote the undefeated service of its banking platform.

Banking in Mexico

Banking in Mexico is one of the most fascinating subjects out there, since one of the biggest warnings made in this area is the ability of Mexican banks to identify value patterns in the market.

An element that we cannot lose sight of in these efforts is that which has to do with innovation and, most importantly, innovation designed in operations such as a greater offer of credit cards without annuity or with zero rate, as well as greater credit card products. investment.

Digital banking, consumer ally

Digital banking has been an obvious ally of the consumer, especially at a time when it is essential to think about market innovation.

As is to be expected in these types of guidelines, one aspect that we should not lose sight of is the warning that ICEX made in 2017 where it discovered that BBVA, Citi Group and Banco Azteca became the main banking apps among Mexicans, which gives us an idea of ​​which brands have the most control of financial operations in Mexico.

Innovate in digital banking

Digital operations are key in our activities, especially when having to rethink the opportunities that are presented in the market.

An interesting guideline that helps us understand the innovation thought based on our activities is the one that warns us of the ability that brands find, to think of solutions based on consumer habits.

The best example of this is found in digital, where with the help of a wearable such as the Apple Watch, it is possible to measure the oxygen saturation in the blood and to be able to identify pathologies as a positive case for the current pathogen.

Key activities from a smarpthone

Just as we can carry out banking operations from a smartphone, we also have a wide range of actions that we have to take into account, given how important the operation of a smartphone has become.

Smartphones are key devices in the operation of various activities, which help us to identify guidelines that serve as a reference to be able to innovate in the technology segment.

As is to be expected, an element that we cannot lose sight of in the midst of these works has to do with the way in which brands have been performing highly relevant activities in the market.

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