In the event of possible cuts foreseen by the private sector amid the contingency for the Covid-19, the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) raised the possibility of paying a “subsistence wage” provided by the company and the Government. Read: Add more labs for Covid-19 testing

“We have defined that you can pay a ‘subsistence wage’. We could pay that salary between companies and the State, as has been done in other countries of the world.

Companies are looking for workers to have a subsistence wage. Photo: Reforma

“If a company finds itself in the dilemma of firing an employee, they can send him home, but at least I can assure him of that.”subsistence wage ‘ where I can receive an amount from the company and another from the State, “said Carlos Salazar, president of the CCE, in a videoconference.

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He added that the federal government should define the amount, if it is from 3 thousand or 5 thousand pesosFor example, and will depend on the resources that the State has to face the contingency.

We have tried to convince the authority of what we have called a ‘subsistence wage’ that allows anyone who is unemployed to get through this crisis and meet basic needs for himself and his family, but we have no response to these requests. ” Salazar said.

The business leader pointed out that there are doubts about the decree that the federal government published yesterday and that provides for work stoppages for vulnerable groups, such as those over 65 and people at risk of developing serious illness, in addition to activities that represent the transfer of personnel and crowds.

From his point of view, the document lacks clarity.

“Yesterday we sent our questions to the authority. Hopefully they will be defined. There is a list of industries that are considered strategic, but do not include sectors such as food and beverages, which we think are strategic. We are trying to guarantee supply” he stressed.

During the conference other leaders of business chambers were connected, such as Gustavo de Hoyos, from the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex); José Manuel López Campos, from the National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco); Vicente Yáñez, of the National Association of Self-Service Stores (ANTAD); Valentín Diez Morodo, from the Mexican Council for Foreign Trade (Comce), and Antonio del Valle, from the Mexican Business Council (CMN).

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