Epic Games reveals the secret of why it invests millions of dollars to give away video games

Many will wonder why the Epic Games Store continues to offer free video games to gamers around the world and why it continues to invest money in it. The secret has been revealed by the company itself.

Epic announced this week that it will continue to offer free games every week throughout 2023, its successful strategy, applied since its launch in 2018 and which has given players around the world the opportunity to enjoy more than 200 titles for free. .

As he recalls a report published on the website of computer today, this modality of Epic generates a constant increase in the number of active users and in general sales. Free video games attract new players and also keep existing ones.

The house of Fortnite, Rocket League, among others, has released titles that usually exceed $60 for free, such as GTA V, Civilization VI or Star Wars Battlefront II.

What is the secret of Epic Games?

The Epic Games Store stressed that the goal of promoting free video games is to offer a high-quality gaming experience to all users, regardless of their budget.

In a statement, the company stated: “We believe everyone should have access to the best games and we are committed to delivering quality free games every week for our users.”

Free games on the Epic Games Store are available to all registered users of the platform and can be claimed for a limited period of time. Once a user has claimed a game, it is permanently added to their library for download and play at any time, even after the promotion has ended.

The free video game promotion will continue throughout 2023.