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The controversy around loot boxes can last as long as companies want it to, whether it’s trying to evade legal terms or striking direct consumer deals. In that sense, Epic Games has opted for the latter to sign peace with Fortnite players: Save the World and Rocket League as a result of a class action lawsuit that today sees one of its first advances.

Epic will refund Fortnite and Rocket League players with credits

We go in parts. In 2019, Epic Games received a class action lawsuit in the United States in the Superior Court of North Carolina, regarding the old system of loot boxes present in Fortnite: Save the World and Rocket League. As you may recall, the company’s response was to modify the loot box systems, but that was not enough to end the legal dispute. That said, the most recent action in relation to this lawsuit has been taken by Epic Games who will offer refunds as a credit to the user account to players of both titles.

According to official information, every player who has acquired a loot box prior to retirement in 2019 will receive 1,000 V-Bucks in Fortnite: Save the World or 1,000 credits in Rocket League. In the case of players from the United States, Epic opened the following site for them to submit their claim and receive their credit, however, the same company reported that the measure will apply worldwide and it seems that the process will be automatic, So it is important that you check your user account in Fortnite: Save the World and Rocket League if you acquired any loot boxes before 2019.

Likewise, the site that Epic Games opened for such action includes the possibility that players can receive a refund with real money, but this implies giving more information and unfortunately it is only available to players in the United States.

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