Epic wants one of the “fathers of iOS” to testify in the trial against Apple

The demands in the world of technology are bread and butter. But perhaps, none has been as particular as the one that in recent months has faced Epic Games and Apple. And it is that both seem willing to use any evidence to be right before the law.

Epic has shown just how far it can go against Apple by funding a North Dakota legislator to push for a law against those in Cupertino. Apple has involved third-party companies, requesting privacy data from users.

Scott forstall
Scott forstall

But when we thought that the “exaggerated measures” had come to an end, this week it was announced that Epic has requested the testimony of former Apple iOS software chief Scott Forstall. The problem: nobody knows how to locate it.

One of Epic’s witnesses against Apple is nowhere to be found

The name of Forstall was last heard at Apple in 2013, when he left the company in what was called a forced exit, largely due to the failed launch of Apple Maps. Since then, Forstall has kept a very low profile and has been doing other jobs outside of the tech industry.

‌Epic Games‌ included Forstall on their witness list, given your participation in the launch of the App Store, to use as potential evidence in your case against Apple.

Following the request, according to court documents Apple offered to depose and then represent Forstall. Epic alleges, that Apple now claims that it never offered the deposition and that Apple “continued to promise to provide a date for Mr. Forstall’s deposition, but did not.”

Both Epic and Apple agreed to a statement tentatively scheduled for February 11. Ten days earlier, Apple admitted that Forstall did not respond to its request to appear, according to Epic.

When Epic asked Manzana specific information on Forstall’s whereabouts, the company provided a and a Twitter, according to the judicial file. Y responded negatively to other requests for personal information.

Epic says that it is now “trying to locate Mr. Forstall.” In response, Apple says that it “does not oppose a deposition of Mr. Forstall before March 10, 2021”, but reiterates the fact that it plans to represent him in the deposition and that you cannot force a former employee to participate in the ongoing legal dispute.

Epic now has until March 10 to locate Forstall and seek their consent to appear for a deposition. After this date, you will lose the right to question you.

Epic Games has sued Apple for monopolistic practices. In the first instance, the Fortine developer has not been well before the law and in view of this has decided to prepare much more for the trial scheduled for mid-May.

Before the stage Apple hasn’t underestimated Epic and it has also shown that it is preparing for a verdict that, if not favored, would totally change its business model.

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