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Epic games give 1000 V-Bucks and / or credits to all Fortnite (Save the World) and Rocket League players who buy button boxes in such games. Tim Sweeney’s company has received a preliminary approval of the agreement to which they have arrived with the different parties before the class action lawsuit registered in the United States by the loot boxes in those games.

Until 2019, Epic Games offered loot boxes on the mentioned games. Players of Save the World of Fortnite could buy random button flames, which unlocked unpredictable cosmetic items. Likewise, until August 2019 in Rocket League you could buy event boxes and keys to open boxes.

Who will buy the loot boxes of Fortnite will receive 1000 V-Bucks, a fixed amount that does not vary regardless of the flames purchased: if a player bought 10 boxes of this type of button, also receive 1000 V-Bucks. The same case occurs with Rocket league: regardless of the number of boxes or keys purchased, the user rreceive 1000 credits.

Players will receive V-Bucks and / or credits in the next few days without having to do anything. From Epic Games they say: “Although this agreement only applied to players in the US. [ya que la demanda solo recoge a los jugadores norteamericanos], we have decided extend this right to all players Worldwide”.

Tim Sweeney: “players need to know in advance what they are paying for”

The Superior Court of North Carolina mustdefinitely test the agreement come in class action lawsuit in May. Said agreement includes, in addition to this worldwide action, $ 26.5 million in cash and other benefits for US players of the two aforementioned games with the aim of “resolving complaints arising from purchases of in-game items by Fortnite and Rocket League players.”

In statements to the technological medium The Verge, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, says they stopped selling loot boxes in their games because they realized that “some players were repeatedly disappointed for not receiving the random items they expected. “He assures that” the players they should know in advance what they are paying for when they shop within games. “

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