ERC and its Spanishism

That budgets are agreed is one of the few good news of this 2020. We are working with obsolete accounts dating from a context that has nothing to do with the current one, so, if not replaced, we would go straight to the precipice. What I don’t understand is how at this stage of the pandemic we are still like this. Even Montoro claims it.

That said, I am stunned by some of the premises used to agree on these accounts. I mean ERC, which demands that Madrid raise its taxes. This is as if within a few years, this party proposes that Catalan be learned throughout Spain because, with so much reducing Spanish in their classrooms, they feel at a disadvantage, taking into account that it is the second most spoken language in the world.

If we get to the bottom of the matter, I agree with ERC that there should be a fiscal harmonization in the country so that it is paid based on wealth. All for that a neighbor from La Cabrera has the same opportunities as one from Salou. However, far from that equality, what ERC pursues, plain and simple, is that investors do not opt ​​for Madrid.

What I haven’t heard ERC say – correct me if I’m wrong – is nothing about the fear of money uncertainty. Just one piece of information: since October 1, in three months, 3,200 companies have left Catalonia and not only for Madrid.

If you allow me some advice, it would be preferable that we focus on what unites us and not on what separates us, for the sake of getting out of this as soon as possible. For the moment, European funds are blocked and as the pandemic is not contained in an imminent way, we are going to hell with or without budgets.

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