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Political activity cannot be understood without the presence of all sectors and in those political systems with clear and established rules regarding participation, financial support from individuals, legal entities and various entities is legitimate, as long as everything is on the sidelines of the law. In the case of the United States, this is carried out through the PACs (Political Action Committees) and the association that represents videogames in that country has one and just gave something to talk about after the events that occurred in the Capitol.

Through a statement (via, the Entertainment Software Association reported that it has halted the operation of its PAC after the attacks on the Capitol perpetrated by followers of Donald Trump, who only has a few days left as US president. According to the information, the economic donations made by the ESA through its PAC have been suspended after some of the representatives in the Chambers that have benefited from them voted in favor of the annulment of the presidential elections of November 2020.

In that regard, ESA noted: “Given the events and actions that led to the violence on the US Capitol, we are pausing the ESA PAC contributions while we reflect on the tragedy and our way forward.”

According to the details, the ESA made donations to 6 representatives for amounts ranging from $ 500 to $ 2,500 USD, all of them Republicans, 5 of whom voted in favor of the cancellation of the elections, while one did not do so but was shown in favor of the bill for the establishment of an advisory committee charged with oversight of federal elections. In all cases, it is considered a position that goes against the democratic system of that country.

Finally, ESA’s decision adds to that of other companies that have suspended their donations through their PACs. In the case of the association that represents video game companies in the US, it has been reported that during 2020 it donated $ 27,300 USD to Democratic representatives and $ 21,000 USD to Republicans.

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