ESA’s initiative to remove space junk by turning it into a sailboat

The problem with special waste is increasing and the European Space Agency He has a special project with which he plans to finally solve this problem through an action that seems almost comical: turning each piece of junk into a space ship. This is the Zero Debris initiative.

During the last years we have seen how the null application of sound regulatory measures for the management of space debris has begun to have an impact on the use of airspace.

Throughout decades, the existing satellites were very few, but over time the number of agencies and private companies with satellites up there has been much greater, which has now made it difficult for more than one project to operate.

For this reason, ESA has conceived this program where they seek to facilitate the process to clear space through a simple act: the installation of a candle in each obsolete satellite or piece of special garbage.

This is how ESA’s Zero Debris project works to eliminate space debris

Through its official website the European Space Agency has published the details of his first essaywith the Zero Debris project.

Where they recount how they installed their new sail mechanism, dubbed Show Me Your Wings (Show me your wings) in an out-of-this-world piece of junk to test the effectiveness of their idea.

Broadly speaking, it implements a sail system known for a couple of years as the Drag Augmentation Deorbiting System (ADEO), on an already obsolete satellite that is considered special garbage.

This technology is commonly used to enable maneuvering up there, as the glider would allow frictional braking dynamics.

Since his body would increase the contact with the atmospheric particles that are in space, causing the satellite to decelerate at a higher rate.

As a result, space debris gradually loses altitude, little by little, reaching the point where it ends up entering the innermost layers of the atmosphere.

It is in this area where the force of gravity of our planet and the layer of the atmosphere itself do their job and end up disintegrating rubbish based on friction at extreme temperatures.

The first trial with the installation of the sail turned out to be a success. So we can think about further development of this system.