EU budget: Warsaw talks about deal with Berlin

Berlin has neither confirmed nor denied the information. “We are awaiting final confirmation,” said a German diplomat in Brussels.

Last month, Budapest and Warsaw stalled the EU budget and stimulus package due to the establishment of a mechanism, which they deem arbitrary, which would deprive them of EU funds for violations of the EU. Rule of law (independent justice, anti-corruption policy). “According to the Polish and Hungarian delegation, the reasons for Poland and Hungary to take a different position from other EU member countries have practically disappeared,” said Mr Gowin, head of a small party united with the nationalist conservatives of Law and Justice (PiS).

“This is also the position of the German presidency, in line with that of Poland and Hungary. But of course unanimity is needed for an agreement by the European Council,” added Mr Gowin, refusing to accept any. reveal the detail. “For now, there is an agreement of the Warsaw-Berlin-Budapest triangle. I remain confident that this agreement will be extended to the 24 other European capitals”, at the summit on Thursday and Friday, he said. he assures.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller told . on Wednesday that “budget negotiations are underway”, saying “there is a chance for an agreement” at Thursday’s EU summit if conditions set by the Poland and Hungary are accepted. However, there was no mention of a compromise in Berlin, which assumes the rotating EU presidency.

Speaking in parliament, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declined to predict whether a quick solution could be found in the dispute. “Unfortunately, I can’t tell you whether this will work or not,” she said.

A European diplomat in Brussels told . that member states’ ambassadors “will hold an extraordinary meeting this afternoon (Wednesday) devoted to the EU budget”, but declined to give further details.

While in Warsaw on Tuesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke of “good luck” for an agreement, while hoping for “Polish-Hungarian victory”. “There is a centimeter that separates us from it,” he said to the Polsat News channel. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Tuesday said his country was “ready for months of negotiations but also ready to (accept) a possible provisional budget”, in case Warsaw was forced to say no to European proposals.

In the event that the negotiations fail, the European Commission said it was working on alternative options to allow a recovery plan without the agreement of the two rebellious states.

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