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BRUSSELS. European leaders agreed that the countries of the European Union (EU) may restrict non-essential intra-community travel, given the increase in Covid-19 infections due to the appearance of new variants of the virus, although they promised to keep internal borders open.

The British variant of the coronavirus continues to spread and has already reached at least 60 countries and territories, the World Health Organization reported.

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« In view of the very serious health situation, all non-essential travel should be strongly discouraged both within individual countries and across borders, » said the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, at the end of a summit. European Parliament by videoconference to discuss the status of the measures, although part of the discussion focused on the rapid spread of new variants of Covid-19, which may shatter hopes that vaccines will quickly end the pandemic. With the intention of « discouraging » non-essential travel in that area, citizens may be required to take a negative test before leaving and the obligation to quarantine in the destination country.

In this regard, Pfizer has cut by up to 50 percent the volume of vaccines it will deliver to the EU this week, authorities said, amid growing frustration over the meager supplies the US pharmaceutical company provides.

In this scenario, the developer of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V requested the European Medicines Agency (EMA) « scientific advice » to « facilitate » its drug development program and bring it closer to community legislation, in an attempt to seek support for its use. of your vaccine in the European Union.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country is willing to help Russia, despite its current tensions, develop its vaccine against Covid-19.

The Russian formula is slowly making its way around the world despite criticism from the West for the lack of information about its elaboration.

A Brazilian company began trial production of the active ingredient Sputnik V yesterday and plans to reach full manufacturing in April, which would make it the first injection for which the South American giant would not depend on imports.

In Argentina, meanwhile, President Alberto Fernández received yesterday the first dose of the Russian vaccine in a hospital west of Greater Buenos Aires.

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