Eugenio Derbez thinks about the suspension of the account of Paty Navidad – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Eugenio Derbez thinks about the suspension of the account of Paty Navidad (INSTAGRAM)

Eugenio Derbez thinks about the suspension of the account of Paty Navidad | INSTAGRAM

Although, throughout the time in social confinement due to the global health contingency, actress Paty Navidad has remained in the eye of the hurricane for her unusual statements full of conspiracies, this past Friday, it was the cherry on the cake.

This same day, it was that the application of Twitter suspended his account for breaking the rules of the social network, this after expressing his support for the riots that occurred in the United States Capitol, due to the entire media affair, since Christmas has always shown his faithful support for the former president and businessman from the neighboring country.

In the midst of the controversy, Eugenio Derbez joked about the situation that the Mexican actress is experiencing and even published a controversial tweet, clearly through his official account of the blue bird network, where the famous and charismatic comedian Eugenio Derbez He shared a screenshot showing the suspension of actress Paty Navidad’s account and added a message comparing her to The Grinch.

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The text was as follows: “So much so that ‘The Grinch’ tried to end Christmas … and it was Twitter who ended it,” said Eugenio Derbez, and as it was already coming, the joke The Mexican comedian unleashed divided opinions on Twitter, just like any other issue that happens on the network.

Likewise, some Internet users supported the producer and added that Paty Navidad shared non-verifiable information: “That woman is ignorant”, “One thing is freedom of expression and quite another to misinform how this woman did it and also affirming that she is cured with their guava and aspirin teas, there is no cure and it is very delicate to say that it exists, they are palliative that some do not serve others, therefore the cancellation, there are rules “, was one of the texts of a user.

It was even some other public figures within the application who were happy about the suspension of the actress’s account, because according to some mention this was “for the good of humanity and science”, referring to all those times in which Patricia has tried to discredit everything that the laboratories have done to combat the media disease.

However, another user responded as follows: “Do not enter this smear game, whoever it is there is freedom of expression for that there are social networks if not what sense would they have, whatever it is and if we go that well then to many would have to block us and more if I do not like your comment I have no right to close you “.

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For her part, the actress did not take long to react as she took to Twitter to her controversial publications, and through Instagram, Paty Navidad shared a video along with a message in which she assures that having suspended her Twitter account they have censored and “Curtailed” his right to freedom of expression.

“The lie is not censored, only the truth suffers from censorship and should not be celebrated! The censorship is strong and against all those who do not obey or try to think for themselves, “she wrote, very sure of her words.

“Those who today are happy about the reduction of rights and freedoms of some of some of us, tomorrow they will cry for the same reasons and may suffer it in a worse way, what is approaching for the world is a hecatomb against humanity, of a tyrannical and cruel dictatorship through technology and digitization. “

“Humanity will hardly be free since freedom means awakening the conscience and being responsible and most people fear responsibility, they enjoy the comfort and convenience of not thinking,” he concluded.

It seems that Patricia Navidad will continue to give something to talk about and will surely continue to stay true to her thoughts, because a little over half an hour ago, she notified that a new Twitter account was created, ensuring that it cannot be silenced.

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