Europe could ban Apple TV + if they don’t introduce 30% of European content

One year after its launch, it is undeniable that Apple TV + has fulfilled its offer to create its own quality content catalog. However, this has been enough to achieve remarkable success compared to other similar services and according to new European legislation it will not be enough to be transmitted on this continent.

Apple TV +
Apple TV + must review its catalog to comply with European laws

Irish lawmakers implementing the European Union directives are proposing new legislation that would require that streaming services, host at least 30% European content, or face closure across the EU. The proposal would especially affect Apple TV +, which unlike the other platforms does not even come close to this number.

Apple TV + may no longer be available in the EU

This new proposal of the «General scheme of the law for the regulation of media and online security» has emerged in response to the overwhelming amount of content focused on the United States on streaming services.

If the proposal is ratified, A new Irish Media Commission will oversee the administration of the law across the EU and will determine if the streamers are fulfilling their obligations.

According to a post made from macrumors, this potential threat to ‌Apple TV + ‌in particular was highlighted by journalist Adrian Weckler on Twitter, who noted that Irish Minister of Tourism, Culture, Art, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, has specifically targeted at Apple TV + ‌:

«… Of the 42 movies and series of ‌Apple TV +, so far there has only been one European program, the British comedy “Trying”. Apple would need to add 17 more European programs simply to meet the required quota, without adding more non-European programs. “

Under the law, streamers would still have some flexibility. This means that video content produced in the UK, for example, which has now left the EU, would still be counted as ‘European work’. “Trying” was a British series on ‌Apple TV +, produced by BBC Studios, so it would still be eligible for the share of “European work” from Apple.

The beginnings of the service and the focus on original productions make it difficult for Apple TV + to comply with this legislation, still under discussion. But if it is approved, will require a significant and immediate investment to continue in European countries.

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