European Commissioner Thierry Breton visits Pfizer in Puurs

The Frenchman said he was confident about the ability of the American giant to produce 100 million doses per month there by the end of June. “I am very proud of the 3,000 employees who give themselves day and night to make the mass production of the vaccine possible, in this plant, which is the largest in Europe,” commented Mr. Breton.

The commissioner spoke at length with the managers of the Puurs site. In particular, they mentioned the complexity of the vaccine production process for Pfizer and BioNTech. “The vaccine requires 400 to 500 components from all over the world. We have to make sure that all links in the chain are working, so that there is no delay,” he said.

On leaving the company, Thierry Breton said he was confident about the plant’s ability to deliver 100 million doses per month by the end of June, i.e. double the current rate, and some 1.2 billion over the year. whole year.

In recent weeks, the Frenchman had also already visited the Thermo Fisher site in Seneffe, where the AstraZeneca vaccine is produced, and that of Lonza in Lisp, Switzerland, which is responsible for the production of the Moderna vaccine.

These visits are also part of the “Hera incubator”, an action plan recently implemented by the European Commission which brings together scientists, companies and public bodies with the aim of streamlining the production process. vaccines.

“Throughout Europe, we want to have produced 2 to 3 billion doses of the various vaccines against the coronavirus by the end of the year”, finally recalled Thierry Breton. “This is obviously too much for Europeans alone, but, as a leader in the development and production of vaccines, we also have a responsibility towards the rest of the world,” he concluded.

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