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A nurse, the first person to be vaccinated in Paraguay against covid-19

Asunción, Feb 22 (EFE) .- A 40-year-old nurse was the first person to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Paraguay, where this Monday the immunization campaign began with a shipment of 4,000 doses of Sputnik V, reserved for the country’s health personnel South American, with 3,000 deaths from the pandemic and more than 150,000 cases. Miriam Arrúa was vaccinated by the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, at the National Hospital, in the town of Itauguá, about 35 kilometers from Asunción. This procedure was followed by other vaccinations in that center, as well as in the Maternal Infant of the Asuncion neighborhood of Trinidad, in the regional hospital of Ciudad del Este, the second largest city in Paraguay, and in the city of Encarnacion (south). Arrúa, from the intensive care unit of the Itauguá center, underwent the protocol in one of the contingency pavilions, attended by the authorities of that hospital and in the midst of a wide deployment of journalists. The nurse called on the public to join the vaccination as soon as the arrival of the following doses becomes general, one million of those contracted with the Russian Investment Fund and 4.3 million from the Covax platform, of the World Organization of Health (WHO), whose arrival dates will be known throughout the week. “It is very important not to lower our guard at this time. We must not be afraid to get vaccinated. This gives us assurance that we will be able to continue and be more attentive to our patients, more secure taking care of them,” Arrúa said while waiting for the prick. Subsequently, other professionals from the center were vaccinated in a previously scheduled process that will be repeated throughout the day in the rest of the designated hospitals. The first 4,000 doses, in two applications, will be destined for 2,000 professionals during one vaccination week and part of the next, Mazzoleni told reporters. In this regard, the minister said that the instructions to health officials are those of “maximum transparency and clarity not only in the process but also in the choice of people who come”, so that the beneficiaries of these first vaccines are professionals ” top-of-the-line “60% of this delivery will be directed to health personnel in Asunción and Central, epicenters of the sustained spread of the virus since the detection of the first contagion, in March 2020. The Russian vaccines, which arrived last Thursday, were received by the Government as an important step in the fight against covid, although there were also critical voices for the reduced amount of the shipment. The Paraguayan president, Mario Abdo Benítez, then held a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin to promote a schedule that speeds up the arrival of all the games. The objective of the South American country is to ensure the immunization of at least 30% of its population, 7.3 million inhabitants. However, Mazzoleni declared today that these percentages could increase “substantially” from the middle of the year. Paraguay registers 3,065 deaths from the coronavirus, after the 20 deaths recorded on Sunday in the health portfolio report, which reported a total of 151,718 infections. The pandemic was fought with quarantine periods that were released, part of a containment strategy given the precariousness of the country’s public health system. The Executive, by decree, established the maintenance of the quota of one hundred people for social events, as well as the prohibition of selling alcohol between midnight and early morning. Transmission in Paraguay registered an increase in the number of infections in recent days from 800 to 900 to more than 1,000, with a rate of 28.7% with respect to the number of samples processed, which health authorities attribute to the relaxation Social. (c) EFE Agency

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