European summit: “Brexit et cie”, the 27 tackle their late homework

VS‘is the funnel. The agenda is overflowing. European leaders meet for two days at the summit, this Thursday in Brussels, with a heap of homework in their wallet to complete. Second session in sight? Or can everything be settled on the wire? “There are still a lot of imponderables”, notes a European diplomat, with open files such as Brexit or the budget and the “corona” recovery plan. “But there have been some good developments in the last few hours. The summit’s chances of success have increased ”.

Wednesday set the tone. The feverish preparations for the summit mobilized energies throughout the day, causing the cascade postponement or delay of several diplomatic “briefings” to the press … And this Thursday, the European Council “in person” will begin with a lunch of work at 1 pm: two hours earlier than usual. The agenda is particularly heavy.

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