European Union warned of risks of Covid-19 vaccine fraud

The warning called on the 27 members of the European Union and other countries to exercise greater vigilance

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Holland.- The police agency of the European Union warned on Friday about the risks of fraud of organized crime with vaccines for the COVID-19, including the possibility of criminals trying to sell versions dangerous false or shipments of authentic inoculations are stolen.

In an « early notice of warning« , the europol said criminal gangs have already reacted to the opportunities presented by the pandemic of coronavirus.

« Once a vaccine legitimate market enters the market, it is anticipated that counterfeit versions of the specific brand of vaccine circulate quickly, « the agency said, mentioning a vaccine false that the World Health Organization discovered in Mexico in October.

« Similar to vaccine fake against influenza found in Mexico, bogus vaccines against COVID-19 could pose a significant threat to public health if they are ineffective at best, or toxic at worst, given their production in clandestine laboratories without hygiene standards, « he said. the europol. « Sham vaccines could even have a much greater impact if new outbreaks emerge in communities that are assumed to be vaccinated. »

In the warning the 27 members of the European Union and other countries exercise greater vigilance against « the possible participation of criminals in the development and distribution of vaccines. »

Europol said that « the anticipated arrival of a vaccine genuine for him COVID-19 it has already inspired criminal activity and will likely be exacerbated once vaccines are available. « 

Britain gave its emergency approval on Wednesday to a vaccine produced by Pfizer Y BioNTech, becoming the first country in the West to authorize a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Europol, based in Hague, said he was aware that criminals have placed advertisements on the dark web « Using genuine drug company brands that are already in the final stages of testing. »

The police agency also pointed out that criminal networks could insert themselves into the vaccine supply chain, either by illegally filling empty vials if they are not disposed of correctly or by stealing vehicles in which they are transported.

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