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The pharma market has been developing more and more, hand in hand with elements that undoubtedly establish benchmarks of great value in the market.

Among the aspects that help us understand the value of the market are those that notice its presence in digital and pharma has great potential in this.

Nowadays, it is essential to understand the consumption focused on health and on lifestyles thought about the aspects of value in the market.

The pharma market is more relevant than ever and its importance is key to understanding the weight of a good strategy designed in this segment.

Faced with this series of challenges, understanding the entire pharma industry in depth is a lesson that you cannot miss, so you should take the ONLINE Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Within this important diploma you will learn to study the changes in the industry, where the increase in regulations is evident in the commercial area, so there are always challenges establishing marketing, based on the understanding of consumer behavior, in order to achieve position a service.

There are several elements that help us understand the current demand within pharma and these business models are crucial in the study of mechanisms that help us deliver value actions to the consumer.

Among the objectives of the program are:

Objective vision of who the Mexican pharma consumer is.

Learn to generate key ideas in a very good dynamic strategic planning.

Develop possibilities for moving products at the point of sale.

Create communities around a product.

Understand trends in marketing.


Module 1: Conquering the new consumer
Dates: January 26, 28 and February 2, 2021

The new health habits after COVID -19
How to connect with the consumer after COVID-19?
The omnichannel consumer.
How to use consumer insights?
The mobile consumer experience.
Trends in society after COVID-19

Module 2: Strategic planning in the pharmaceutical industry
Dates: February 4, 9 and 11, 2021

How to build a solid brand in the healthcare industry?
Elements of a strategy in the pharmaceutical industry
Selection of media according to the type of advertising permission
How to determine the correct marketing budget?
Results measurement

Module 3: Marketing at Point of Sale
Dates: February 16, 18 and 23, 2021

The role of communication in a pharmacy
How to create a point of sale strategy for OTC and prescription?
How to create a brand experience in a pharmacy?
The office as a marketing tool
New technologies applied to retail in pharmacies.
How to be an omnichannel retailer?

Module 4: Social media in the pharmaceutical industry
Dates: March 9, 11 and 16

Elements of a successful social media strategy
How to create your own communities on social networks?
Big data, the new player of social networks
How to develop a good storytelling strategy in social networks?
How to integrate influencers in the pharmaceutical industry?

Module 5: Digital Marketing in Health
Dates: February 25, March 2, 4

The digital world and patients
Digital advertising opportunities for the health sector
SEO / Marketing Automation / Mobile Marketing / Native Advertising / e-Commerce
WhatsApp and Chatbots for the benefit of your medical business
Trends in digital marketing

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