EXATLON 5 USA: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mack Roesch

Mack roesch


Mack Roesch returns to Team Famosos in Exatlon USA’s fifth season.

The successful competition program of the Telemundo network, Exatlon United States, has been in its fifth season for a month and as the days go by, we see how the audience develops more affinity with each of the participants, whether they are new faces, or who returned for their revenge to the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the planet.”

Today Exatlon United States has 22 participants, as there are already three who have started the competition, among them, a face well known by the fans is that of Mack Roesch, the first “Gringo” who participated in the challenge. and one of the most mediatic contestants of the five seasons.

Mack was a finalist in the third installment of the television show, he is a professional steeplechase athlete, nicknamed “The King of Obstacles,” who has competed on shows like American Ninja Warrior and Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge. Mack in his first run remained as the points leader for most of the season, and in the fifth season he is on the same path with solid scores in each of the days that we have enjoyed in the first month of competition.

During his time at Exatlon United States, Mack forged a loving relationship with then-reporter Jessica Cediel. Shortly afterwards, both got engaged to be married to later end the relationship and be the subject of the press of the heart of Latin America.

Today Jessica Cediel is participating in Colombian television, while Mack is seeking revenge again in Exatlon United States as part of Team Famosos, where he has attracted attention for his strength, speed and power.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mack Roesch

From his first pass, and now this time, Roesch was nicknamed “The Machine” and ultimately it is for a very obvious reason. The American is absolutely focused, not in vain his partner Norma Palafox assures that Mack lives the competition: “His life is this, during the third season he was 99.9% perfect, then he went out and built his whole house from scratch, always having breakfast, lunch and dinner, aiming. He was born for this and has proven it to all of us time and time again. “

For this reason, the Telemundo production prepared a video with the five things that the audience does not know about Mack Roesch, among them are:

He describes himself as faithful, agile, strong, fast, patient, considerate, and loving. He is a lover of restaurants and eating out, and this is precisely one of the things that he will miss the most during his passage through the fifth season of Exatlon United States because he loves to eat and he enjoys it a lot.

Among dogs and cats, Mack prefers dogs as he assures that they are loyal, unconditional and can protect you at all times. And he considers that the ideal Exatlon United States team is where faith and rapport prevail among all team members.

Here is the video, don’t miss it:

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