EXATLON 5 USA: Kelvin Renteria takes command of Team Contendientes Is he a good leader?

Kelvin Renteria


Kelvin Renteria returns to Team Contendientes in the fifth season of Exatlon USA.

As the weeks go by in Exatlon United States, tensions arise between the participants of both teams because the desire to achieve triumphs and achieve different prizes of more than a million dollars that are being distributed is more latent than ever, and although This generates greater focus, and possible new leaders, it could also cause certain frictions that do not always benefit the overall performance of each participant in the successful Telemundo network competition program.

Such is the case of the nicknamed “Cowboy” of Team Contendientes, Kelvin Renteria, who, showing off his previous experience in the competition, is focused on helping and guiding the participants with a very particular style that could have generated some discomfort among the Contendientes , who have suffered a series of quite considerable ups and downs at a competitive level during the first month of Exatlon United States.

At just 30 years old, this Mexican from Dallas, TX, was the representative of the Contending team that managed to reach the grand finale of the third season of the competition. Today he leaves all his facets in evidence, owning his own company for the installation of air conditioning systems, and in his spare time he is characterized as a bull rider and rugby player.

Kelvin takes command of Team Contendientes Is he a good leader?

One month after the start of the fifth season of Exatlon United States, it is no secret to anyone that despite having achieved certain achievements within the competition, Team Contendientes has not managed to rebound, as the reds are constantly giving it a tough battle for victory This has generated different reactions within the participants of previous editions, such as Tavo, “La Pantera” Denise Novoa, and “El Vaquero” Kelvin Renteria, who due to his recent performance, has gradually assumed the role of leader of the team, what the audience and fans look at with suspicion, for his harsh way of speaking to new entrants.

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This video points out something important, the differences between Kelvin and Chuy Almada, participant and leader of Team Contendientes during the first and fourth seasons, who were always a kind of spiritual rock in their last run, transmitting their good energy to all participants and generating a team wave without attributing direct responsibilities, while Kelvin Renteria is described as “Scolding”, which cannot always be taken in the best way when there are so many adults gathered in extreme conditions, trying to achieve a common goal, to succeed in Exatlon United States.

On the day of today, Tuesday, February 23, both teams will fight for the first board of the money of the season, but the contenders will do so with two important losses that could affect their final performance, Denise Novoa and Jomarie Martinez, although in effect both Participants are at rest, Raquel Becker, and Ana Parra, who at a slow but sure pace, are showing an impeccable performance, we are sure they will win the breed for the blues once again.

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