EXATLON USA: When is the baby that Dayleen Santana and Jacobo García expect?

Dayleen Santana - EXATLÓN United States 2: What you need to know


Throughout the five seasons of Exatlon United States, different couples have been born, but the one that is perhaps the most solid of all is the one that formed “El Tarzán” from the second season, Jacobo García, along with the nicknamed “Chiquidinamita ”, Dayleen Santana, who met while both were part of Team Famosos in the second season of the competition show.

A love story that was born in Team Famosos

Although Jacobo and Dayleen were affectionate during their time at Exatlon United States, it was not until both left the competition when they shouted their love to the world and announced that they would move together to Puerto Rico, where they would dedicate themselves to a joint food business while they were busy building a life together.

Although today the couple is separated, because Dayleen is resting at home waiting for the new member of the family, while Jacobo is in full battle in the Dominican Republic with the aim of being crowned as one of the two winners of Exatlon United States, both they remain very close, so much so that recently, through a phone call, Dayleen and Jacobo informed their relatives of the child’s name, which will be “Ezra”, which means “God Helps”, so Dayleen let it be known in a adorable message through his social networks, where he also dedicated an emotional message to his unborn child, taking into account the current situation in the world.

“Ezra … I would like to say that you come to a perfect world, in which there are no pandemics that separate families … The reality is that you come to a world full of challenges, changes and sacrifices. But if there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that you come to a world where a mother is waiting for you. That he will always be there for you day and night, that he will teach you the beauty and simplicity of life. That the most beautiful days are the rainy ones and my greatest wealth will always be to see you healthy and happy. ” Dayleen shared in his networks.

Although Dayleen is without her life partner today, this does not prevent her from being absolutely proud of him. In a video that he made for Valentine’s Day, which Jacobo was able to see in the Dominican Republic, he let him know how proud she was of him and how much she missed him, he also took the opportunity to show him his advanced state, which surprised and moved a lot to Jacobo.

When is the baby that Dayleen Santana and Jacobo García expect?

According to the fan portal, @Exatlonreport, he assures that Santana would give birth in April or March, highlighting that it is a huge belly to be only 7 months old, and if perhaps little Ezra would surprise his parents and would be accompanied by a twin brother. The truth is that Jacobo has a year of good news, since he is competing in Exatlon United States, one step away from completing his career and about to become a father.

Congratulations champion!

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