Execution of Lisa Montgomery: EU calls on US administration to reverse decision – .

The US administration refused the leniency request for Lisa Montgomery. The European Union “deeply regrets” the first federal execution of the fiftieth anniversary.

The EU’s request

The United States have sentenced to death Lisa Montgomery, 52 for the terrible crime she committed in 2004. A decision which has been challenged by theEuropean Union. Europeans deeply regret the first federal execution of a woman in nearly 70 years despite their request for clemency. “The EU had called for leniency to be granted to Lisa Montgomery taking into account international law and internationally accepted minimum standards that should be observed with regard to people with mental disorders.”, said Peter Stano, spokesman for the head of European diplomacy quoted by Le Figaro.

Inhuman treatment

TheEuropean Union then appealed to the US administration to desist from the last executions at the federal level in the last days of the current administration. According to Peter Stano, a high number of executions have been recorded since the resumption of the death penalty at the federal level in July 2020, after a hiatus of 17 years. The spokesperson for the head of European diplomacy recalled that the EU is opposed to the death sentence which she describes as inhuman treatment. Europeans also judge the death penalty “incompatible with human dignity and the right to life”.

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