F1 2020: Hamilton: “I was praying that the car would reach the finish line”

F1 2020 Good luck for Verstappen final stop

Lewis Hamilton won by the final decision of Red Bull, the one to stop Max Verstappen to get the fast lap and the extra little point that he reports in the classification. If they had not, they would be celebrating their first victory in 2020, but it was impossible to foresee a double puncture, or rather they would blow up for Mercedes in their two cars.

Hamilton delivers a championship-busting shot, and distances himself by 30 points from Valtteri Bottas, heading for what will be his seventh F1 World Title. The English recognized that “he was praying for the car to cross the finish line.”

The two punctures: “Valtteri was really pushing hard and I was doing some tire degradation management, it seemed like nothing was happening, so when I heard that his tire was gone, I looked at mine and everything seemed to be fine.”

When I saw the wheel fall, my heart almost fell out of my mouth “

He didn’t notice anything: “The car was still running smoothly, so I thought maybe it was okay. Those last few laps started to slow down and then, just down the straight line, it deflated. I noticed that the shape of the tire had changed and that definitely made me feel My heart was leaking from my mouth, because I wasn’t sure if it had really gone down. When I put on the brakes I could see that the tire was falling off the rim. “

The last meters: “I just drove trying to keep speed, because sometimes the spoiler would take off and brake. I was just praying to try to make it work and not be too slow. I hardly made it to the last two corners, but thank goodness we did. I’ve never experienced anything like that on the last lap and my heart probably almost stopped. “

The joke: “Until that last lap, everything was smooth. The tires felt great.”