F1 – GP 70 Anniversary 2020: Sainz: “Another race where points are thrown away”

F1 – GP 70th Anniversary 2020 Carlos, angered by the bleeding of points

Carlos Sainz, at the end of the race

It is difficult to see Carlos Sainz angry and barely containing his anger, but McLaren’s third blunder in five races has left Madrid touched, which has already left about 20 points for other people’s mistakes.

“Let’s hope luck changes in Spain, because dAt the moment there is no way this will change direction especially because it is another race that points to the garbage. You see where Ocon is, he was behind me before the first stop, well behind, and you see that he finished eighth, and the truth is that he is incredible.“, said the Madrileo visibly upset in the Movistar F1 cameras.

Sainz had made a good start again, dodging Vettel’s top, but above all a great first stint with hard, lengthening the stop and going fourth at the time of doing so. “Come out well, I was also saving the wheel, everyone stopped and I was doing ‘overcut’ with many -win position in the pits-, going down to 1.32 while the rest cost him, he was where he wanted, the leader of the hard tire let’s say, but in The moment of the truth, when you had to make a decent stop and come out behind him on much cooler tires to change the race completely, because it couldn’t we have left behind the traffic and the race was another, it was not where we should have been, when the race should have been relatively easy points again but unfortunately things have not turned out again, “he analyzed.