F1 – GP Spain 2020: Ferrari: “Racing Point is like cheating on an exam”

F1 – GP Spain 2020 Binotto insists on highlighting the guilt for the sanction

Binotto, during the last Grand Prix of Great Britain. EFE

Let’s first summarize how the Racing Point-Rest of the World match is going: Penalty of 400,000 euros and 15 points less for the illegality of its front brake aerator, copied from the Mercedes 2019 when it is not a piece that cannot be copied, although that regulation changed at the last minute with the car already made. They sanctioned for sports (copy) and not for technical (design) and thus they avoided disqualifying them from the three races that Renault protested.

All of which has served so that Renault is no longer alone in its constant onslaught against all that Racing Point means, aka the Mercedes Rosa, and has been joined by McLaren and Williams (Mercedes engine, eye) and even Ferrari.

We don’t want eight or 10 Mercedes or copies of the Mercedes next year. “

Nikolas Tombazis (FIA)

  <HIT> Racing </ HIT>  lt; HIT> Point lt; / HIT> s Canadian driver Lance Stroll (R) steers his car ahead of lt; HIT> Mercedes lt; / HIT>  Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas during the first practice session for the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring circuit in Mogyorod near Budapest, Hungary, on July 17, 2020. (Photo by LEONHARD FOEGER / various sources / .)”/></p>
<p>The head of the Scuderia, Mattia Binotto, clings to the fact that the stewards have already declared something illegal, and is also allowed to continue competing, to launch his attack from Sky Italia. </p>
<p>“We have already said what we think. There have been protests and there was a first verdict that said what Racing Point did is illegal. <strong>Stroll and Wolff may be angry, but the rules have been violated. </strong>It’s like cheating on a test.  There are those who copy the exam and those who pass for others to copy. “</p>
<p>“The facts are obvious. We believe that the sentence was not adequate, it is not possible to copy and understand the whole concept behind the car. The regulations are clear enough and we believe that there may be a violation. We do not believe that the verdict is sufficient.” .</p>
<p><strong>At the moment the FIA </strong>weather a storm that will try to avoid next year, as with the Mercedes DAS, introducing in the regulation the impossibility of copying an entire car.  “This will prevent teams from using a lot of photos to copy complete parts from other cars like Racing Point has done. <strong>We will continue to accept that some components are copied, but we do not want the entire car to be basically a copy of another, we do not want eight or 10 Mercedes or copies of the Mercedes next year</strong>“says Nikolas Tombazis, now at the FIA.</p>
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