Fabibi does the best Sailor Moon Eternal cosplay at the Monaco Anime Game International

On February 26 and 26, the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) took place and the Chilean cosplayer Fabibi, better known on Instagram as Fabibi World Cosplaydid the best cosplay of Sailor Moon Eternal ever seen.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon It is one of the most popular manga-animes of the 90s, released in December 1991, a work that became famous for popularizing the magical girls subgenre and its sentai elements. His success in the cartoons led him to an anime version and over time he was able to even reach the big screen with Sailor Moon Eternal.

This is a two-part Japanese fantasy anime film, released in May 2021. The film is based on the Dream arc, which serves as a direct sequel and “fourth season” to the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series. .

On the tape, we saw a spectacular version of Usagi Tsukino or Serena, with a different outfit that was perfectly replicated by the Chilean cosplayer.

The best Sailor Moon Eternal cosplay

“I am very proud of what I gave in Monaco representing Chile. A performance that stands out from the average and all the claw and my love for cosplay. I didn’t win a spot, but I feel like a complete winner to have been selected as one of 15 competitors from around the world to come to Monaco to show what we’re made of and to finally be seen in action,” wrote Fabibi, who has more than 462 thousand followers on Instagram.

In the reel shared by the content creator, we see her performance and interpretation on stage. “I am a Sailor Scout who fights for love and justice, I am Sailor Moon and I will punish you in the name of the moon. Thank you to everyone who supported me in this adventure”, added Fabibi.

In another post, he showed a spectacular image of the cosplay and thanked his fans outside of Chile: “It’s incredible that people from so far away say your stage name and give you their love.”