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As a preventive measure, Facebook suggests its employees not to wear clothing that identifies them as workers there after blocking Trump.

Donald trump He remains exiled from the main social networks of the planet, after the episode of insurrection in the Capitol, where the indications point to the fact that he largely incited these riots that ended up killing five people.

Your lock on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like started first as a temporary measure. But shortly after they decided to suspend their accounts indefinitely or permanently in some cases.

This sparked a serious debate among Trump supporters arguing for an alleged (and highly distorted) right to free speech. So there is a group of people very upset with everything that relates to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

It is better prevent?

It is under this tangled context that an internal memorandum has begun to circulate (via The Information) among employees of the popular social network.

There is never a direct mention of Donald Trump, but it is strongly suggested that they avoid wearing clothing bearing the Facebook logo when in public:

In light of recent events, and to be cautious, the global security department is encouraging everyone to avoid wearing or carrying Facebook-branded items at this time.

At no point in the letter is the possibility of employees suffering any possible physical aggression from Trump supporters directly mentioned.

But the context and circumstance make the intent of that memo posted on the internal bulletin board more than clear.

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