Facebook, is it abusing its dominant position to crush the competition? – .

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched civil proceedings to convince justice that the giant Facebook is abusing its ‘dominant position’ to ‘crush’ its potential competitors …

Resell WhatsApp and Instagram

According to Le Figaro, the FTC is ready to argue in court that the company of Mark Zuckerberg must resell WhatsApp and Instagram so that there is an environment conducive to competition. As the Ile-de-France media notes, the Federal Trade Commission decided to load Facebook after more than a year of investigation, notably coordinating its offensive with the prosecutors of 48 American states. Led by Letitia james, New York State Attorney-elect, the latter wish, in parallel proceedings, to break what they believe to be the hold of the juggernaut on the video and message sharing markets on smartphone.

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Amazon, Google …

In addition, another offensive could emerge. Indeed, Amazon of Jeff Bezos is in the crosshairs of the American authorities. The conglomerate is accused of using information collected on purchases, by its customers, of products sold by third parties on its platform with the aim of competing with them by selling its own products under label ‘Amazon‘.

In addition, in October, the Justice Department attacked Alphabet, the parent company of Google, accusing him of using unfair tactics to lock in his domination of the information search and web advertising markets.

The difference between the FTC against Facebook and that of the Department of Justice against Googleis that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposes an obligation to split.

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