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How long ago did you create your Facebook account? It is very likely that since then you have started uploading photos to this social network, and even more common that some of them do not have them stored on your phone or some memory.

If this is your case, we will tell you how you can download all the photos you have uploaded without having to do it one by one. In this way you can save them in a folder and keep them without the fear that they will be lost.

We tell you how to download your photos from Facebook. Photo: Pixabay Steps to download your photos from Facebook

The first thing you should know is that once you have downloaded them, it is best to make a backup so that you do not lose them again. To download your photos follow these steps:

Enter the Facebook website, start your session with your username and password; Open the menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Find the section ‘Settings and privacy’, open ‘Settings’. In the menu on the left, select ‘Your Facebook information’. Here you will see the option to download all your information. Click on ‘Download your information’ and ‘View’.

The good news is that you can not only download your photos, if you want, you can also do it with your publications, comments, your list of friends, stories, reactions and likes; in addition to the messages and accounts you follow and your followers.

To decide what you want to download you must follow the following steps:

Join Facebook. Go to the top of the page. Select « Date range » Then « Format » And finally « Multimedia content quality » Once selected, choose « Create file »

What follows is just waiting for your files to be downloaded, much will depend on the amount, the more information you have, the longer the time will be, but the wait will be worth it in the end.

After the download time has elapsed, you will receive a notification in your Facebook application or on your computer. What you must do is open it and then select ‘Download your information’ and ‘Available copies’.

Click on download, for greater security, Facebook will request your password to start viewing your photos, or the files you have selected, in a backup copy. In this way you will have finished the whole process to download what you have chosen.

As an extra tip, once you have downloaded all your photos, you can save them by folders to know where each one is. Although it will take you a long time to do it, you can remember at the same time the situation in which you took each of them.

In the same way, it is highly recommended to have this information backed up, which although it is in your Facebook account, you could lose it at any time, so it is better to be cautious.

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