Faced with Hungarian and Polish vetoes, Germany wants a “quick release” of the European recovery plan

“The social and economic consequences of the crisis are becoming more visible every day,” said German Secretary of State for European Affairs Michael Roth, before a video conference with his counterparts. “It would be irresponsible to further delay essential support for our citizens,” Roth said. “We must quickly unblock this financial support, which is so crucial for so many member states,” he added.

Accused regularly by Brussels of undermining democratic values, Warsaw and Budapest want to obtain the abolition of a new mechanism, which they consider arbitrary, which would allow them to be deprived of European funds in the event of violations of the rule of law (independent justice , anti-corruption policy …). To this end, they veto the decision to finance the European recovery plan (750 billion euros), which requires unanimity of the Twenty-Seven, and which is linked to the European multiannual budget for 2021-2027 ( 1.074 billion).

The EU expects this Tuesday an “agreement or clear signals” from these states, according to a European diplomat, otherwise it will move towards a “plan B” to bypass the blockage, with a solution without the two recalcitrant . A summit of heads of state and government is being held Thursday and Friday in Brussels.

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