Failure of SpaceX, aborting the Starship launch test just one second after the spacecraft take off

After many hours of preparation and a long wait on the part of all the followers of Spacex and his small big steps towards the conquest of space, the company led by the businessman Elon musk He had to abort the first launch of your Starship spacecraft.

Starship, the ship that will take us to Mars, failed “the first attempt at a high altitude suborbital flight test of ship serial number 8 (SN8). “With all eyes on the company’s facilities in Boca Chica, Texas, the countdown has been frozen with 1.3 seconds left until takeoff.

From SpaceX’s own Twitter account, this warning message has been sent informing of the auto-abort of motors in T-1 second.

This was the moment when it was found that today’s Starship launch mission had been aborted:

Until that moment all the necessary steps for takeoff had been completed, including pre-launch testing and fueling.

From the website itself they already warned that “the program is dynamic and is likely to change, as is the case with all development tests.” This suborbital flight was designed to test a number of targetsFrom how the vehicle’s three Raptor engines work and the vehicle’s overall aerodynamic input capabilities, including the body flaps, to how the vehicle manages the drivetrain transition.

As they had already warned, this will not be the only possible launch window and there will be “opportunities available on Wednesday and Thursday”.

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