Fans believe Fortnite will receive Samus and Metroid content

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Season 5 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite started a little less than 2 days ago and is already giving a lot to talk about. We say this especially because some collaborations with very important properties have already been revealed, specifically with The Mandalorian and God of War, something unreleased. Definitely, this season holds more surprises like these and fans believe that one is related to Metroid.

Yesterday we told you that there were clues that suggested that Kratos would arrive at the Battle Royale, something that was confirmed today. Subsequently, unofficial information came to light indicating that Microsoft will do the same and bring the Master Chief and Halo content to Fortnite and the clues are strengthened amid the expectation of the fans.

In case you missed it: Xbox users were surprised to see the PlayStation logo and Kratos on their console menu.

Well, since PlayStation and – apparently – Xbox will be collaborating, gamers think Nintendo will also join the party with Samus, the space bounty hunter.

Before you think that this idea seems almost impossible, we inform you that this season has the theme of gladiators and hunting and the trailer revealed that the character of Fortntie Jonesy was “gathering the best hunters of all realities”, a description that It suits Samus very well. Unfortunately, unlike in the cases of Halo and God of War, no clues or information have been found in files within the game that point to a possible collaboration with Nintendo.

Is Samus likely to make it to Fortnite?

We know this idea could be fascinating: to have a video game with icons from every major company in the industry, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, we remind you that transferring ownership to this association would be very unusual, since Nintendo protects its properties with great suspicion.

Also, this would mean that the character is available on at least the Nintendo Switch, apart from the fact that once purchased, players will have access to it practically forever.

Despite these limitations, users have unleashed their imaginations and envision the various ways in which collaboration could happen. There are even crazy predictions from some users, who talk about the possibility that at The Game Awards 2020 the arrival of Samus to Fortnite will be announced and not only that, but Jonesy would be announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This idea may sound a bit far-fetched, especially considering how conservative Nintendo is with its properties, but we remind you that stranger things have been seen in the video game industry.

We will keep you informed.

Do you think Samus will make it to Fortnite? Would you like to see Metroid content in the Battle Royale? Tell us in the comments.

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