FC Barcelona: Bartomeu, outraged at Arthur: “He has no reason not to return, it is an act of indiscipline”

FC Barcelona The president indicates in Sport that he will have his corresponding sanction

The president of Barcelona, Josep María Bartomeu, has granted an interview to the Sport newspaper where he assures that the situation of Arthur, declared in absentia, “it is unacceptable. It is an act of indiscipline because there is no reason that justifies that he does not return with his teammates now that we are going to play the Champions League,” he added.

Bartomeu has been very critical of the Brazilian, who has decided not to return from Brazil to play the Champions League with Barcelona before joining the Juventus. “There will be a type of sanction and a fine,” added the Barça president, who has opened a file for the player. “He has not given reason, he has said that it is his decision, that he is in Brazil and that he will not return,” he stated flatly.