FC Barcelona: Bartomeu: “To continue with Setién after the Champions League? He has a contract”

FC Barcelona “Messi will finish his career at Barça”

Josep Maria Bartomeu. EFE

Josep Maria Bartomeu He does not dare to confirm the continuity of Quique Setién on the Barça bench no matter what happens in the Champions League. In an interview with the Sport newspaper, the Barça president only remembers that the Cantabrian has a contract beyond this summer.

“He has a contract. When we hired him, we explained to him that it was a project for this season and the whole of the following. Measuring a coach for a few months, with a pandemic in between, is very difficult.”

“No, at no time. I know that some information came out saying that if he did not win two games we would change him for ‘Pimi’, but that was never discussed. Neither with Abidal, nor with Planes nor on the board of directors. Setién is our coach “

“The generational relay is coming. But the most beautiful thing in football is to combine well those home players who have been winning for many years with those young people who come with the desire to win. The older ones are still ambitious: I am not only talking about Leo, but also Suárez, Piqué, Alba, Busquets, etc., those players who are already in their thirties, not to mention people like Lenglet, Dembélé, Ter Stegen or Semedo, who are young. Now comes another batch of young people: three players, including Matheus , and three that go up from B. The arrival of seven players in a year, counting Pjanic, is not bad, it is a third of the squad. “

This summer there will be no attempt by Neymar “

“In this situation, it is not viable. PSG does not want to sell it either, it is normal because it is one of the best players in the world. Last summer we tried very hard, but this summer there will be no attempt. The situation is what it is: the club stopped paying 200 million euros between March and June. And in the 2020-21 season, we expected to enter 1.1 billion, but surely we will have 30 percent less. If the pandemic situation does not improve, there will be no public, no museum, no stores, and money will continue to be lost. It forces us to be very rigorous in management: we must review which investments are essential and which can wait. You have to adapt. “

“I think so. Unless there are exchanges of players. All the big European clubs are affected. They all work to adapt. And this is not going to last a year, but three or four.”

“Players at Lautaro’s level should never be ruled out. Barça have spoken with Inter de Lautaro for several weeks, but the talks are stopped by mutual agreement with Inter. The situation does not invite large investments. Yes, it is possible to trade with player exchanges. “

Players like Lautaro should never be ruled out “

“He always says that he will finish his sports career at Barcelona. He still has three, four or more years of excellent football. Although he will finish his contract next year, I have no doubt that he will keep his word and end his professional career at Barça “.