FC Barcelona – Bayern Munich: Barcelona’s sacred cows: Are they essential?

FC Barcelona – Bayern Munich Barça and the restructuring of its squad

What seemed impossible, that the Barcelona suffered a hit greater than that which occurred in Anfield or in Rome in recent years, it happened on Friday at the Da Luz Stadium. The azulgranas experimented at the hands of Bayern Munich his major defeat in decades, a result worthy of another time, and someone is going to have to pay for the broken dishes.

At the end of the meeting in Lisbon, Gerard Piqué spoke of the need for profound changes. Of a restructuring of great depth, which must affect various levels of the club. Players, coach, managers, president … all are in question and important decisions will have to be made in a short time. First, because the next season starts in a few weeks. Second, because the member needs to see heads roll, sacrifices that calm the spirits of a hobby that is increasingly disenchanted with how things are going at their club.

Piqué: “It’s a shame, nobody is essential, I offer to leave”

An authorized voice in the dressing room such as that of Pique He warned that “nobody is essential” in this team, thus opening the door to a screen of those that has not been seen in Can Barça for a long time. The current Barça squad is full of sacred cows. Footballers who almost have to play system and to whom none of the last coaches has dared to sit or show the starting door. Now with the promise own Bartomeu that they are going to “make decisions”, one wonders if the club will dare to touch the untouchables. Here we review the most obvious cases.

Gerard himself has offered to take the door if necessary. He himself has spoken of the need to make changes at all levels. He has been the best of the Barça defense this season, but that does not free him from being one of those indicated by this situation. He is 33 years old and ends his contract in 2022 and his termination clause is 500 million euros. He has been in the Barça first team for 12 years and this season he has played 45 games.

One of the players who comes out most touched in the Lisbon game. Furthermore, he was also one of the greats signaled by the Anfield debacle. The left-back has not found his best version for a long time and his seniority and the fact of being a youth squad do not save him from criticism. He arrived at Barça in the summer of 2012, signed from Valencia, and since then he has been the owner of the left wing. None of the players who have been brought to fight for the position have been able to seat him. He renewed his contract last year and signed until 2024 with a termination clause of 500 million euros. At 31, this season he has played 36 games.

Along with Piqué and Leo Messi, the only one of the current members of the squad who has won the two triplets that Barça has in its history. He reached the first team in 2008, led by Guardiola, who raised him from the subsidiary. He took the place from Touré Yaya that same season and, since then, he has been the owner of the Barcelona defensive midfielder. He’s been away from his best for a couple of seasons now, but he’s still the undisputed starter, and was also touched by his performance against Bayern Munich. He just turned 32 and has a contract with Barcelona until June 2023. As in the previous cases, it has a rescission clause of 500 kilos. This season he has played 41 games with Barcelona.

The Croatian has lost weight in the team. It no longer has the status of the undisputed holder. So much so, that it had nothing to do with what happened in Lisbon. He did not play a single minute against Bayern, although he was warming up on the wing. Barça has tried to do business with him, looking for a way out, but he has refused. He wants to be the master of his destiny and choose his next team. He has never hidden his desire to return to Sevilla, although he would not close the door to a great from Italy. At the age of 32, he ends his contract in the summer of 2021. His termination clause is 125 kilos, but Barça would be thrown into his teeth if he could get the tenth part for him. Time plays against the club, which risks seeing how it comes out for free at the end of the next year. This season he has played 42 games.

Another who comes out of the game against the Germans touched. He was at Anfield and also in Lisbon. He has never managed to become an indisputable starter, although he has had great prominence with both Valverde and Setién. He has weight in the dressing room due to his seniority, his career and his good relationship with Messi and Suárez. He is one of the footballers for whom Barça listens to offers and has a good market. There has already been a buzz about his departure sometime. Like Rakitic, Vidal too contract ends next summer, so now is the time to find a way out if you want to make money with it. With 33 years, this course has played 43 games. It has a buyout clause of 300 million euros.

The Uruguayan has long been the subject of criticism. Injuries, his lack of form and his bad numbers in Europe in recent seasons have caused him to stop being an untouchable for the fans. Another thing are the coaches, who consider him the undisputed starter. He is one of Leo Messi’s best partners on and off the field and that carries a lot of weight. In addition, he always ends the seasons with a more than acceptable goal number, but he closes the door on other forwards in the squad. He has a contract until 2021 and a termination clause of 300 million, in addition to one of the highest chips in the squad. His contract has a peculiarity: if next season he plays 60 percent of the games for which he is available, he automatically renews his contract for one year. He is 33 years old and this season he has played 36 games.

He is always expected to do the impossible, and when he doesn’t, it seems like he’s not right. It has accustomed the Barça fan to performance levels that are out of the ordinary. He has returned to be the best of the team this season, but Piqué himself said that there are no untouchables here. He ends contract in 2021 and has a termination clause of 700 million euros. At 33 years old, this course has played 44 games and scored 31 goals. Barcelona fans cannot imagine life without him, but that moment will come sooner or later.