FC Barcelona: El Bara in crisis, last minute after the defeat against Bayern, live

FC Barcelona The Lisbon debacle lead to changes in the club

Setin, Messi, Pochettino and Bartomeu

The Bara debacle in Lisbon It has opened a deep crisis within the Barça club. Bartomeu announced measures While Piqu asked for changes at all levels and Setin It is with the hours counted. We count here the last hour of the hardest hangover that is remembered in Can Bara.

12.37 Hours pass and the value of Piqu’s reflection as soon as he received the 8-2, at the foot of the field with Movistar. In hot, after surely suffering his greatest humiliation as a professional, the center-back made a speech as harsh in one part as measured in another, hitting the mark of the qualifiers and putting himself first on the starting ramp. For those who have not seen it or just want to review it …

Piqu: “It’s a shame, nobody is essential, I offer to leave”

12.31. He was signed as the best midfielder of the last edition of the Champions but his level has not come close to what he showed in the Ajax. Despite his youth and being a newcomer, De Jong He was very critical after the game: “It showed that we have a lot of problems in the team. We know we have to make a lot of changes. It’s difficult, we apologize to the fans. I think we have to change a lot of things.”

12.21. Bartomeu calls extraordinary meeting this Monday in which the dismissal of Quique Setin (if it does not arrive before) and the rest of the measures that the president already announced in Lisbon. The call for elections, demanded by a wide sector of Barcelona, ​​does not seem on the table. Be treated Setin’s substitute,, with Pochettino on pole and Koeman in the breech, sports management and squad planning.

12.10: Bara players leave the Lisbon hotel with undaunted faces. The night must have been one of the hardest that some players who experienced humiliation against Bayern have experienced. They are expected to land in Barcelona at 2:00 p.m.