February premieres on Netflix – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

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We are going with the releases that we will have available on Netflix throughout the month of February. Regarding the cinema we can highlight films like ‘Malcolm & Marie‘, a project that started from an idea by Zendaya, who contacted the creator of’ Euphoria ‘, Sam Levinson, and asked him if it was possible for him to write and direct a film during the quarantine. A few days later, Levinson came up with this story led by the actress and John David Washington. Regarding series, the first seasons of ‘The dance of the fireflies’, ‘Behind his eyes’ and ‘Tribes of Europe’.

Here are the premieres of movies, series and documentaries that will arrive on Netflix next month:

February 3rd: ‘The dance of the fireflies’ T1 (series)
February 4: ‘Black beach‘(movie)
February 5th: ‘Hache’ T2 (series)
February 5th: ‘Malcolm & Marie‘(movie)
Feb. 10: ‘Crime Scene: Disappearance at Hotel Cecil’ (documentary film)
February 11th: ‘Red point‘(movie)
February 12: ‘To All the Boys: Forever‘(movie)
February 12: ‘Hate, by Dani Rovira’ (comedy special)
February 17th: ‘Behind his eyes’ T1 (series)
February 19th: ‘Tribes of Europe’ T1 (series)
23 of February: ‘Pel’ (documentary film)
26 of February: ‘Crazy for her‘(movie)
26 of February: ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House‘(movie)
26 of February: ‘Super nerds‘(movie)

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