Female and male version of Ino Yamanaka come together to form an invincible duet in this wonderful cosplay

Despite his aggressiveness and arrogance, Ino Yamanaka has a noble heart and sometimes hurts for not being close to Sasuke, during Naruto’s adventures. She has to endure the teasing of Sakura, one of her greatest rivals, who constantly calls her Ino-Cerda.

This insult is nothing more than a reference to his name, since Ino Yamanaka means “Pigs through the mountains” in Japanese. However, Sakura would have to think twice if she ever came across the cosplay made by this pair of models.

The beautiful Kalli Vamp and the recognized Erwin Smiththey have made a wonderful cosplay of Ino Yamanaka in its female versions, which is part of the canon and the male version or as Smith himself calls it, Gender Bender (transgender).

If only one Ino is powerful, imagine that she finds her male or transgender version and serves to fight in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Ino Yamanaka’s cosplay duet

Asuma Sarutobi would have had a lot of trouble training them and forming the Ino-Shika-Cho team with two versions of Ino. But this pair almost perfectly represents the make-up of the Naruto character.

First of all, they are both blonde. They let their hair fall over their right eye and wear purple outfits with the customary fishnets that Ino Yamanaka dons at elbow height.

They wear the gloves in which the jutsu is appreciated and the final pose gives it the necessary touch to show off this cosplay work.